Zahnarzt am Zürisee

Dr. med. dent. Katalin Szellö
Dr. med. dent. Anna Henzi-Szellö

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  • Location

    The practice entrance is a bit hidden between the pastry shop Brändli and the restaurant Suan Long at the station Wädenswil.

  • Reachability

    The easiest way to reach us is by public transport. No matter if you arrive by train, bus or boat; The bus stop is in the immediate vicinity of our practice. Unfortunately we do not have our own parking spaces. On the other side of the Seestrasse at the CS building or on the station area you will find plenty of paid parking spaces where you can leave your car for 2 hours.


  • Dentist

  • Dentist

  • Tooth cleaning and administration

  • Tooth cleaning

  • Dentalassisstent


  • dental examination, counseling, second opinion
  • tooth cleaning
  • dentistry free from anxiety
  • paediatric dentistry and school examination
  • reconstructive dentistry
  • caries treatment
  • root channel treatment
  • wisdom teeth extraction
  • partial and full dentistry
  • bleaching and orthodontic treatment (Harmonie)


We are happy to welcome you to our familar dental practice, which is centrally located in the city of Wädenswil with a wonderful view of the lake of Zurich.

No matter what treatment you may call for. Our small family oriented practice will support you during a simple routine check up or any extended treatment you may require.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, even if you have not visited the dentist in a while. We are happy to take the time to support you with your concerns and provide advise in all aspects of dental care. Especially patients, who are worried about their dental treatment feel comfortable in our practice thanks to a relaxed environment. Our main goal is to provide competent and individual support, as well as an efficient performance when it comes to the care of your teeth.


Dental and oral health care starts at an early age, therefore it is important that even the youngest (starting in kindergarten) have a yearly dental check-up. Our main concern – in addition to dental caries – is oral hygiene instruction and providing clarification when it comes to nutrition.

The city of Wädenswil offers a yearly dental visit to any school-aged child and two control x-rays at the end of school. Please contact us to schedule an appointment at our dental practice if your child does not have a dentist yet. As soon as we have registered you as a patient we will automatically contact you for follow up appointments.


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  • Doctor's office
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